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How well you move

At Move Integral, we recognize movement patterns that support work, sports and daily activities. Our goal is to help others understand the true relationship that movement patterns play in our health and fitness goals.

Which Clinic You Belong In?

We Teach 3 Goal Oriented Clinics 

Woman practicing stability

Move Stable

Stability is the foundation of functional movement. Without a stable base, muscles and joints must work twice as hard to stay in proper alignment. When joints are not in alignment, muscles waste important energy trying to move them and both muscles and joints are left with a higher risk of injury. Joints are stressed, nerves are pinched and muscles are strained. Stability and proper alignment is what the move stable clinic targets.

Move Steady

Steadiness is the next layer built on the foundation of Functional Movement. Balance and coordination are what allow joints to stay in alignment during movement. Stability is about postural control and steadiness is about movement control. Without steady movement, muscles and joints become stressed and vulnerable. This is what causes repetitive stress and what is known as cumulative trauma.

Athlete cycling through Shenandoah Athlete running while dribbling basketball

Move Strong

Strength is the reason why we need a stable and steady foundation. It is the power that drives the life we choose to live. We cannot crawl, climb, walk, run, jump, lift or carry without it. Everything from the way live, work and play demands that we can generate enough power to move and stop safely. Explosiveness and impact control in what the move strong clinic targets.

Move Integral Pricing

First class is FREE! After that, you can sign up per session, whenever you need it, or get a monthly package.
Single Session
Single Class
Group Setting
$25 / Session
Monthly 12 Pack
3x Classes per Week
Group Setting
$20.83 / Session
Monthly 8 Pack
2x Classes per Week
Group Setting
$22.50 / Session

Group Sessions

Our group sessions allow an affordable, high energy approach to our system that will keep you motivated to move. We encourage group scheduling if you want to workout with your friends or come alone and make new ones! Group classes are a fun way to meet people just like yourself who are seeking more out of life. We motivate, socialize and hold you accountable to your goals.

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