Posture, Gait and Breathing

Now let’s take a more in-depth look at how we see the body through a Chiropractic Solutions lens….

Let’s start with posture, gait, and breathing.

No one agrees on perfect posture.  It is a fluid, dynamic concept not merely a static one like you may have thought. No two people’s postures are exactly the same.  Posture is very responsive to your energy state, the emotional state of mind, and even your physiological health! Metabolism, Immunity, hormones all play a significant role in the expression of your Neuro-muscular-skeletal health.

Another way to describe all of this is your general “tone”, which is unique to yourself. Any postural and movement assessment should consider YOUR optimal posture, not only compared to perfect model…gait is similar to posture in this way too.  Both are affected by the shape of bones, the strength of muscles, soft-tissue elasticity, and range of motion of the joints as well. All movement is achieved by your nervous systems pattern of firing in relation to your general tone and these bony and muscular restrictions.  Basically they determine the limitations of your structure and your tone determines the limitation of your function.

How about our emotional states? Have you ever noticed that people who are depressed tend to walk around breathing very shallow, more in what we call the exhalation end-range of breathing? Their heads are forward, chests are caved in with their shoulders and their spine is rounded forward. You could say they were deflated. On the other end of the spectrum, some, overconfident people, tend to breathe more on the inhalation end-range of breathing.  Their chests are puffed up, the low back is excessively rounded and their rear ends are sticking way out.  You could say they were overinflated!

Do you think over time this could contribute to a person’s pain?

Either way, your posture, and your movement contain a record of the way you have responded to your environment over time. They can reflect pathological changes to the movement system.  This is usually something we are unaware of so don’t typically ever even consider, let alone correct.

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