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Chiropractic Solutions

Looking for the best chiropractor in Harrisonburg?

With over 10 years of experience serving the Harrisonburg and Rockingham County communities, our primary focus at Chiropractic Solutions is to provide injury recovery and pain relief to our clients. We are passionate about ensuring that each of our clients receives high-quality care and personal attention, and we are confident that we can help you with your chiropractic needs today so that you can begin living the life you deserve.

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Chiropractor Harrisonburg Office

How we impact our community and fit into their story

Dunya Farag

“Great staff and doctors. I’ve been seeing Dr. Spirollari for couple months now due to massive back pain. I’ve had back pain for about 4 years now and after seeing Dr. Spirollari just couple times, I have felt so much better. He is very kind and really cares about your health. Great place and I highly recommend it!”

Timothy Troshin

“I fell working a construction site one day and busted up my shoulder pretty bad. Dr. Spirollari was able to see me that very day. He spent a majority of the time working on my shoulder but he was also kind enough to make sure the rest of my body was in alignment because of the beating my body takes on a daily basis. He adjusted my hips, back, and even my neck. I felt like a new man walking outta there.”

Josh Spourse

“Dennis does a great job. I’ve been seeing him regularly for 3 years and feel that he has been instrumental in helping me after a back injury. I highly recommend anyone to come here and see what he is all about. He really cares about his patients and I am sure that he will take great care if you.”


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