The Myth of Aging Posture

On several occasions throughout this series, I am going to have to take on the role of “Myth Buster”!  I love that show…  Today we are going to start right off by busting the myth of aging posture.  Culturally we’d like to assume that the bad posture we commonly observe in the elderly population is a direct effect of the aging process.  I would like to suggest to you that not only is this untrue…it is a justification for negligence in the care of your posture and movement.  All of us will age, but I assure you and you can observe, that not all elders are equally dysfunctional with their appearance and movement. Understanding and applying the concepts that I am going to share with you can DRASTICALLY alter the future of your aging process.

As the understanding in movement science progresses, the role you play in both the demise of your movement experience and the success in overcoming your pain is more and more fundamental.  In other words, not knowing how to move well can cause dysfunctional habits that lead to pain and vice versa, knowing how to move properly can both get you out of pain AND help you age better.

Now stay tuned…Because THAT is really what this whole series is all about!!!

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