Auto Accident Care

Do you really need to see a chiropractor after an auto accident? Learn about whiplash and spinal cord injury treatment.

If you’re considering going to see a chiropractor for pain relief, especially after an accident, you probably have many questions about the process, including how long you should see a chiropractor.

You may have heard that chiropractors will prescribe endless visits. You may have heard that you're going to need to visit a chiropractor's office 3-5 times a week. There are many myths about chiropractic care, which is why it’s important to do research, get all the facts, and come to your own conclusion about seeing a chiropractic physician for pain relief. If you don't visit a chiropractor's office, you won't actually know what course of treatment would be prescribed.

Accident Chiropractic Care

The U.S. traffic fatality rate is 12.4 deaths per 100,000 inhabitants. An additional 4.4 million are injured seriously enough to require medical attention. That is a lot of hurt people. If you went to the hospital after your accident, or if you felt like everything was okay, whiplash and spinal cord injury can take some time to manifest. What should you do now?

Should you see a chiropractor after a car accident?

In short, the answer is yes, you should always see a chiropractor after an auto accident.

If you were the victim in a crash caused by someone else being reckless, then you should most definitely see an car accident chiropractor after the incident. If you plan to pursue a lawsuit against the careless driver, you will need a professional medical diagnosis and documentation of all of your injuries and treatment.

In addition to helping your case and receiving compensation from the insurance company, it is essential to see a doctor for your own health and well being because serious injuries can occur in motor vehicle accidents.

As a Harrisonburg, VA based chiropractic clinic, Chiropractic Solutions specializes in assisting car crash victims with the medical support they need to recover quickly and safely. These back roads in and around the Shenandoah Valley can be dangerous for drivers, with wildlife out everywhere and any unfortunate injuries sustained while driving must be treated in a timely manner in order to mitigate serious, long lasting side effects. Our local Harrisonburg clinic is always just a phone call away!

What Kind of Plan Can You Expect from Chiropractic Solutions?

At Chiropractic Solutions we will work with you to alleviate pain and get you back to feeling good as quickly as possible. Ultimately, the goal should be to reduce chiropractic care to a point where it's needed, rather than continuous regular visits.

Together, you and your chiropractor should address how to avoid similar problems in the future. Our chiropractors will evaluate your lifestyle, activity levels, and diet, and make recommendations on changes you can make to continue progressing in your overall health.

How Long Should I Get Chiropractic Treatment for Whiplash?

Once your chiropractor has evaluated your symptoms and identified any areas of restricted joint motion, he or she will develop a treatment plan for you. Each case of whiplash is different, so each treatment plan will vary. Your treatment plan will depend on the severity of your injury. Your range of motion and level of pain will be assessed to help determine your treatment program.

The treatment program may include a combination of modalities such as chiropractic manipulation, muscle relaxation/stimulation, McKenzie exercises and ergonomic lifestyle changes. Recovery from a whiplash injury can take anywhere from 6 weeks to 6 months. You should continue to see your chiropractor until all your symptoms have resolved and you're pain-free.

What Kind of Injuries Are Sustained in Motor Vehicle Accidents?

There are so many different kinds of injuries that victims can sustain when they are involved in a car accident. However, it is difficult to say what kind you may have because every auto accident is different.

The severity of the crash has a big impact on the severity of the injuries, but even in minor car accidents, damage can be done to the body.

Three factors typically affect injuries and damage caused by an accident.

These factors are:

  • The Type of Accident (Rear-End Collision, T-Bone, or Single Vehicle Accident)
  • The Rate of Speed in which the Involved Vehicles Were Traveling
  • If The Passenger(s) of the Vehicle was Wearing a Seat Belt

Now even if the best circumstances possible happened during your collision like it was at a low speed, you were wearing your seatbelt, and another driver hit the back of your car at a stop sign, you may still have sustained an injury.

Any type of force that a driver was not expecting can cause the body to react adversely. For example, whiplash is the most common injury the victims of car crashes suffer from.

Even in very minor rear-end collisions, if the driver that is struck does not have time to prepare for the impact that neck will most like take the brunt of the damage, first flying forward and then violently stopping and flinging backward.

Potential Red Flags about Chiropractic Treatment Programs

There are several red flags patients should be on the look-out for when they visit a new chiropractor. Examples may include:

  • Pressure to purchase specific supplements or devices sold exclusively at their clinic. You should never feel pressured to purchase more than the service you initially paid for.
  • Treating all patients the same – If your chiropractor seems to find the same problem in every patient, he or she may not be very experienced or reputable.
  • Negative online reviews – Always read the online reviews of the chiropractic offices you have booked an appointment with. This will give you clearer insight into how treatment with previous patients has gone in the past. If the majority of reviews are not great – this is usually a red flag.
  • Continued treatments after symptoms have resolved – Your chiropractor should want you to heal, and schedule visits less frequently once your symptoms have alleviated.

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